Best On page SEO tactics

On page SEO tactics

Best On page  SEO tactics Hi friends today we will discuss on page SEO tactics that lead to Good Position on Search Engines. Frankly Speaking if I am not wrong some of my friends thinks SEO in today’s competitive world not possible .So they prefer to go Either Ad words or some other paid promotions. I do agree that SEO takes times & hard work with intelligence but it is…

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7 Reasons why wordpress for Digital Marketer

why wordpress for digital marketer

WordPress is a  content management platform that is measurably  use in website development. Earlier  it started as a blog solutions , later it become  best content management system. Now approximately 30 % of the websites are wordpress.Easiness of wordpress made it favorite of  digital marketer .From installation to launch its hardly takes times. Even if you don’t want to this you can hire any individual or agency in in nominal…

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Benefits of Branding Campaigns

When A Business think about to start branding campaigns it means he will start from audience targeting, Re marketing and Display Ads. Actually Digital marketing allow Geo Targeting and campaign would measurable according to performance.Analytics helps in making help in performance of the campaign & future targeting. Now we will discuss features one by one. Re marketing : Re marketing make our engagement with the user who have already visited…

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Modules of Digital Marketing

Hi Friends ,In this blog we will discuss About Modules of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing has several major components.These are following. 1.Search Engine Optimization 2.Search Engine Marketing 3.Social Media Marketing 4.Email Marketing 5.Inbound Marketing 6 Analytics 7.Mobile Marketing 8.Video Marketing To become successful Digital Marketer you not just have knowledge of these components but you must be specialized in these components . For Making good  Digital marketing campaign these components…

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Opportunities in Digital Marketing

If you want to be Digital Marketer ,You must know best opportunities in Digital Marketing  . This will give you motivation as well as excitement to learn & will ultimately encourage you to learn Digital marketing. Even if you dont want to make Digital Marketing as your career .But learning of Digital Marketing will help you lot in your current career.You will do & analyse things in different & better…

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Need of Digital Marketing Course

need of digital marketing course

The digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age. The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Students that plan to undertake the Google Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course, as the skills learned in this course will help shape your advertising…

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5 ways ,how to Generate business enquiry through internet

Hi friends , Today we will discuss about ,how we can generate business Enquiry . 5 easiest way are following Google platform Social media tactics Enquiry portals Bulk Sms E mail marketing now we will discuss in details   Google platform : No dought, Google is best place to generate business enquiry .We can generate business enquiry through Google Search,display marketing,Google Groups & with help of You Tube promotion  ….

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3 Reasons why we should use Google ad words

3 Reasons why we should use Google ad words When we talk about preference of Google Adwords over other marketing tools available on internet as well as on Offline marketing  strategies. 3 R makes major difference. Reach Relevence ROI (return on investment)                    Now we will discuss these factors in detail Reach  :With the help of Google Adwords we can reach to…

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7 benefits of Digital Marketing for small business

Planning to go with digital marketing is undoubtedly beneficial . but drive relevant traffic to your website is a art. Keeping all the pros n cons of digital marketing with optimum results with in your budget ,we will discuss some benefits of digital marketing today’s life. 1. Money Saving –Marketing on digital media channel is still cheaper than traditional media campaign. 2. Conversing Ratio – Possibility of convert a viewer…

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