Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing is the window that helps a brand to reach out to unlimited number of customers within a very short period of span.
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Why now-a-days Social media marketing in high demand?

Social Media marketing has now become the dire need for marketing. As social media provides wide reach out to millions of people who are treated as potential customers for any company. In this world of digitalization social media has become an unbeatable marketing tool. And professionals who are expert in this domain are surely securing good position in several companies.

Social Media Marketing Course from AIMS

Our social media course will enable you to be an industry-ready social media expert. Our course is a well-blended combination of advanced level web analytics, social media, content marketing and social campaigns. Our complete course of social media is capable to help you to elevate any brand you are associated with. You can easily fast-track your desired target for achieving huge number of customers for any organization. The main objective of social media marketing is fetch huge mass as loyal customers, by drawing their attention towards the product. This is made possible by using effective interaction.

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Course Objective

The Social Media Course is designed to develop advanced skill sets among learners who want to grow their career in social media. We have a structured and expert- recommended study module. We ensure our module covers complete social media strategy, influence marketing, web analytics, and reputation management. The complete course is backed up with live projects for rigorous practice sessions. These real life issues will allow students to understand the every single detail of social media marketing. Each of our class is live class and has a proper session which ensures that students get clear of all their doubts. Each course has consecutive tests and exams which mentored by social media specialist. On completion of program students are awarded with certificate and are supported with placement solution.


Who can enroll?

If you are a tech loving guy or girl and if you want to seek a leading role in any digital marketing division in a corporate company then you must enroll for such course.

This course can lead you such profiles:

The Tools which you get hands on experience are:

Social Media Course includes:

Our social media marketing course focuses mainly on:

Outcome Post Course Completion

Students will be efficient enough and will be completely able for smart access of social media. Students will grab various well established positions in digital marketing domain. They will possess and extra skill of reviewing products and brands and will be well accustomed with different techniques and tricks on ways to expand their business and to increase reach out to mass.