political consaltency

We help individual candidates in order to connect with people effectively. We make strategies for local, state and national elections. We do help in providing ground support with a dedicated team.

Our Political Consultancy Includes:

  • Political surveys – Research, and analysis
  • Research work of cast combination
  • Opposition research
  • Issue-based message development
  • Social media optimization
  • Image building process
  • Consultancy for fundraising strategies
  • Write/edit news releases, talking points, speeches
  • Political crisis management
  • Consultancy for voter contact strategies
  • Analysis of past voting history
  • We do Social On-Line Marketing By doing Following steps

  •  Daily post on Social Platforms
  • Posting on relevant groups
  • Do Page Like campaigns
  • Post boosting on a specific time
  • Video viral techniques
  • Party rally information updations
  • Newspaper cutting promotion
  • & other promotional time to time activities.


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