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Course Description:


The goal of this Real Estate Digital Marketing Course is to give real estate professionals the information and abilities necessary to effectively use digital marketing methods. This course will teach you how to use digital marketing to generate leads, finish deals, and expand your real estate business whether you’re an agent, broker, investor, or property manager.


Real Estate Digital Marketing Overview


  • Recognising the Real Estate Digital Landscape
  • Clear Objectives and Goals: The Value of Digital Marketing in Real Estate
  • Developing a Powerful Online Presence
  • Constructing an Expert Real Estate Website


Building a Strong Online Presence


  • Building an Expert Real Estate Website
  • Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Producing Powerful Property Listings

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    Social Media for Real Estate Marketing


    • Utilizing Social Media Platforms to Generate Leads
    • Content Creation for Social Media
    • Ads on Social Media Platforms

    Real Estate Email Marketing


    • How to Create and Manage an Email List
    • Effective Real Estate Email Campaigns
    • Management and Drip Campaigns

    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

    • Google AdWords for Real Estate
    • Strategies for Facebook Ads
    • Budget and Optimising for Real Estate

    Blogging and content marketing

    • Developing Useful Content for Your Audience
    • Blog Posting for Real Estate Experts
    • Promotion and dissemination of content

    Real estate marketing with video


    • Video’s Value in Real Estate Marketing
    • YouTube and video SEO for making
    • Real estate video production, the editing process


    Monitoring and Analytics


    • Metrics for tracking and analyzing digital marketing
    • Reporting and ROI Calculation
    • Decision-Making Based on Data

    Standards of Conduct and Integrity in Real Estate Digital Marketing

    • Considering Legal and Ethical Aspects
    • Laws Against Discrimination and Fair Legislation pertaining to fair housing and anti-discrimination
    • Good Practises for Transparency Marketing


    Bringing Everything Together


    • Case Studies and Stories of Achievement
    • Building an All-encompassing Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Project completion and certification

    Furthermore, Resources


    • Tools and software that are suggested
    • Samples from Real Life and Case Studies
    • Interactive assessments and homework.
    • Student participation forums
    • For queries and responses with the The instructors


    Course Advantages:

    • Skilled in the field providing teaching
    • Applications in reality and practical tasks
    • accessibility to a helpful internet community
    • The course finishing certification

    Note: Depending on the requirements of your target audience and your area of expertise, you can expand or modify this programme. To further improve the learning experience, think about using multimedia components like instructional videos, downloading resources, and assessments.

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