WordPress is a  content management platform that is measurably  use in website development. Earlier  it started as a blog solutions , later it become  best content management system. Now approximately 30 % of the websites are wordpress.Easiness of wordpress made it favorite of  digital marketer .From installation to launch its hardly takes times. Even if you don’t want to this you can hire any individual or agency in in nominal fee & then you can control your website.

Now I will give some reasons why  only wordpress  ?

1.wordpress cost of set up & customization makes it favorite for digital marketer.

2.It takes only minutes to do changes in  website  .

3.wordpress is SEO friendly CMS it also provides plugins for SEO like Yoast etc.

4. Mobile support and integrations : Android and iOS are covered with mobile apps. Comment moderation, checking statistics, and creating content on the go are easy.

5.  WordPress website  installation from one hosting company to another or from hosted to self-hosted comparatively easy then other CMS.

6.There are no of works you can do without knowing coding.Like

  • SEO
  • Contact form creation
  • Subscribe people to news letter
  • Adding social media buttons
  • Sequire site from common wordpress attacks
  • Speed up your website etc

7.Most importantly you can easily change your website theme whenever you want.


If you have any questions regarding this article you can drop me mail on Info@allindiamediasolutions.com  ,I will give you reply.


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