Best On page  SEO tactics

Hi friends today we will discuss on page SEO tactics that lead to Good Position on Search Engines. Frankly Speaking if I am not wrong some of my friends thinks SEO in today’s competitive world not possible .So they prefer to go Either Ad words or some other paid promotions. I do agree that SEO takes times & hard work with intelligence but it is not impossible to get benefits from  Search Engine Optimization, If we follow some basic things.


In this article we will discuss only On page SEO tactics. As we know Google crawler catches our pages frequently So always keep in mind Content on the page or post must be unique .It should not be copied from anywhere on internet .Google always Prefer fresh content. So friends I am  going to mention some basics of On page SEO. Then we will discuss each one by one.

  1. Article Optimization
  2. Keyword Density
  3. Keyword Prominence
  4. Keyword Proximity
  5. Better URL structure
  6. Title, Meta keywords& meta description
  7. Interlinking
  8. Image SEO
  9. Keyword Tracking
  10. Social Media sharing

Article Optimization: As we already discussed freshness of the content is the key of success. But many of us are not able to write content from our self .In this case we can use two very important tool to get idea on our subject. We can use

  1. Google Keyword Planner (Google Ad words)
  2. You tube videos

These two tools will give you idea about topics & sub topics to write.

Secondly we should keep our article of at least 500 words. We can also divide our article into 4 ways

  1. Title
  2. Introduction Part
  3. Topic
  4. Summery

Our content must be spelling & grammatically wise correct.



Keyword Density: Keywords density is one of the main Factor of On page SEO. Density means repetition of the the main keyword in article. Sometimes intentionally or by mistake we use our main keyword repetition in the content. This is not Good practice from search engine optimization point of view. Our keyword density should be within 3 %  of the total content on the page. For example if our article is of 500 words then our keywords can be included with in 15 words.


Keywords Prominence: Keyword Prominence means repetition of the keywords in all places where we can use our keywords. For example we can use our keywords in following parts of the website.

  1. Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Permalinks or page structure
  4. Picture
  5. Content

So we can use strategically our keywords in those places in website. It will definitely give us benefit in on page SEO.


Keywords Proximity: keyword Proximity means we should use keywords in same order in either Title & other places like of website. For example

SEO service Gurgaon is keyword then

If we use SEO service in Gurgaon is right practice.

SEO service provider companies in Gurgaon is wrong practice . So I hope you understand this point.


Better URL Structure : URL or domain name structure play great role in On page SEO. Permalink of the page should contain full or either part of the keyword In itself

But  always keep in mind Permalink should not be long & not contain more than 3 words. Otherwise it will make difficulty on mobile screen & Google does not rank  long URL structure  on first page.


Title, Meta Keywords & description: Google First of all read your title of the page .For best on page SEO always put some eye catching titles on website like

How to loose weight in 10 weeks

10 steps to loose weight

Get benefits of  loosing  weight

You can also use some other eye catching words , But we should consider that our title of the page should not be more than 60 to 80 characters.

Meta description: Meta description should contain main points of the page & should be grammatically correct. Character limit for Meta description should be 150 to 180 characters.


Interlinking:   Interlinking means connection or hyper linking of the more relevant content with the word of the article.


For example

I am writing about on page SEO  article there is word or topic is article optimization  & I have already written Article optimization in website full details then I will do hyper linking that word with my main article.


Image SEO : 1 .We should use 2 or 3 pictures for our article & should not be copied from anywhere. If you don’t have your own pictures then you can edit pictures & resize them.

  1. Always use Alt tag & title for pictures if you are using word press solution. Fill description for better results on search engine.


Keyword Tracking  :We we want to track keywords results on search engine .Whether keywords ranking is improving or not we can use two tools .    Paid tool       free tool


Social Media Sharing : To get the best benefits and initially traffic for the Post we must make social profile pages before the hosting of website on minimum

1.facebook page

2.twitter profile

3.linked In profile

4.Google +  page

So after  complete  the article we will share it on different social media platforms & groups on internet.

We can also share it on

Reddit  to get traffic on our article.

So these are the steps we can take to get initial on page SEO. I will update some information in future. If you have any questions regarding this article you can ask me on .i will be happy to help you.

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