Email Marketing for small Businesses

hi friends, today we will discuss about benefits of email marketing for small businesses who wants to grow their business by email marketing. first of all we will have to understand it , Email marketing is very strong tool for lead generation and customer relationship management. Email Marketing number one tool for affiliate marketers who want to sale their products via Email marketing.

In this article, I will try to make you understand how you should start email marketing. You should start from making your email list, here I would like to mention it don’t do email marketing on purchase data if you want to get success in email marketing.

We can make are email list by following tricks.

1. We can use any plans to catch email from a website visitor.
2. By making good landing pages
3. We can generate email list from Facebook paid campaigns
4. we can you or existing email data for email marketing.


Tricks for making good title for email marketing

1. Curiosity :

like we can make title that generate curiosity in viewer mind. for example we can use title line.

did you get your book? Or don’t forget To take your gift.

2. Make Urgency :

Your title line should show some urgency to the viewers if you want to sell some products via Email marketing then you can use title that shows something is in very limited quantity l like :

last 5 items for digital marketing tool

there is still plan remaining  for those ,who are interested

3. Personalize  Address :

Always  use personalized name when you draft mail for your email list, you can make list according to first and last name and always send Please email with personal addressing.
generally doesn’t like email who uses women address like sir or mam so you should raithu make it personalized for better results.
you can wish birthdays as well as marriage anniversary of your email list holders. this trick mail make them personalized touch with your company.

4. Use numbers in email marketing :

for example if we use title has 7 benefits of waking up early in the morning this will Puth attention of your viewers on your email . you will get high open rate with this kind of email. hair I would like to mention that always use odd numbers in the email title that grass more attention than even numbers.

5. Compelling Questions :

IF headline will ask some compelling questions that relate to user or a buyer, it will definitely get higher open rate as well as more sales like
how can you become rich without spending 8 hours in a day?

6. Re targeting :

You can target your new as well as old user buy re targeting with new offer in your email you can up Sale or can give discount on your product and make eye catching headline like
hey here is 20% or 25% off on our products.


Now we will discuss some practices that we should not Follow in  email marketing campaign

1. don’t use email marketing campaign without subject
2. email that we have designed should be optimised or on all devices including mobile & tablet.
3. sending too many email to users
4. don’t send email on purchase data
5. don’t send irrelevant content to the user
6. don’t use no reply email address in the email marketing campaign



How to get success in email marketing campaigns ?

1. Boost Your email conversion rate bye segmenting your group and email list.
2. integrate cross selling and up selling
3. make full use of email automation
4. optimizing your timings of sending emails
5. do proper follow up for your cart abandons
6. keep your email list update and clean


If you want to excel your email marketing in 2018 you must have proper tool to get best results from email marketing automation and relevance.
Best email marketing automation tools

1. Mail chimp Best for startup
2. Drip
3. Getresponse
4. G Mass
5. Zoho
6.Hubspot etc

So friends even digital marketing is expanding with different mediums and tools day by day even then importance of email marketing Is considered as maximum return assets whore marketing companies. So that’s all for this article, soon will come with different topic till then bye. If you have any questions you can contact me at . I will be more than happy to help you

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E Mail marketing For small Businesses
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E Mail marketing For small Businesses
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